Contesting a Will

We can provide the legal guidance and support you will require when contesting a will.

Contesting a Will

If a loved one has recently died and you believe there are legal concerns or irregularities with their will, it may be possible to launch a contentious probate case. Contesting a will in this manner can be a complex process, potentially leading to a protracted legal battle.

By contacting the probate litigation experts at Gibson & Associates LLP, we can provide the legal guidance and support you will require when challenging a will. We understand how stressful these circumstances can be, and will work to support you compassionately through each step of the process.

Our team can help you understand whether you have grounds for contesting a will, before advising you on how to proceed with a probate dispute and representing you in court if necessary.

We understand that challenging a will may be a distressing experience, which is why we will always work in accordance with your wishes and needs, and help you achieve the best possible outcome with as little stress as possible.

To discuss any aspect of contesting a will or the contentious probate process with us, call Gibson & Associates LLP on +353 (0)1 264 5555 or alternatively, complete our Online Enquiry and we’ll be delighted to help you

Our Contentious Probate Services

At Gibson & Associates LLP, our expert team of solicitors can help you find out whether you have grounds to contest a will and provide you with the legal support you need to achieve a positive end result.

The team at Gibson & Associates LLP can help you if you are:

  • Questioning the validity of a will
  • Claiming a share of the estate even though they have not been named as a beneficiary
  • Claiming a larger share of the estate because they feel they have not been provided for adequately
  • Wanting to remove executors or administrators
  • Suspicious of executors or administrators who have acted negligently or fraudulently

If you are looking to contest a will, it is important to contact a solicitor as soon as possible to ensure that the right outcome can be reached in a timely manner. Our lawyers will work swiftly to accomplish this, taking into account your specific needs and circumstances.

Our team has worked with private individuals, trustees and beneficiaries across Ireland, the EU and overseas, and will treat your case with the sensitivity it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can a will be contested?

A will, trust or estate can be formally challenged during the probate process – a process also known as contentious probate or probate litigation. A relative or loved one may potentially choose to challenge the will or estate when there are concerns about its legitimacy, or because an executor has behaved inappropriately.

Probate litigation may arise on the following grounds:

  • If the person who made the will lacked testamentary capacity, meaning they were not mentally capable of making a legally binding will
  • If it can be proven that another party exerted undue influence over the person making the will
  • If the creator of the will lacked knowledge of its contents
  • If the will can be proven to be forged or fraudulent

For help resolving a probate dispute, you need to appoint an executor or administrator to make a deal that suits all parties involved.

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