Legal Consultancy Opportunities

As a consultant solicitor, you can work independently while being supported by our law firm.

Independent Consultant Solicitor (ICS) Programme

Consultancy is now a positive choice for many solicitors. It enables them to build successful legal careers through a combination of high-quality work, control, and flexibility, while still being able to develop professionally.

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Independent Consultant Solicitor (ICS)

Do you have a great client following? Are your talents and the value you bring to your firm not being recognised? Do you want to take control of your career?

The working world is changing and becoming a consultant solicitor could give you more flexibility, a healthier work-life balance, and better rewards. Consulting is no longer only an end-of-career option used by senior lawyers and partners to ease their way into retirement. It is now a dynamic and simple way for a solicitor to create their own business with the administrative support of a great law firm behind them.

We are offering ambitious and successful lawyers a unique opportunity to work with a dynamic, forward-thinking, flexible firm with an office network to support your requirements. This is a great opportunity for those who are confident in their abilities and wish to challenge existing thinking as part of a law firm that is committed to maintaining and enhancing its reputation as a leading innovator within the Republic.

What is a Consultant Solicitor?

Consultancy allows solicitors to practice on a self-employed basis, servicing their clients with the support of a law firm that can provide assistance when it is needed.

Gibson & Associates will provide the benefits of everything that a large firm brings, including; access to additional resources, IT and case management systems, administrative support, marketing backup, compliance and insurance.

Consultants work on their own terms, set their own hours and are rewarded fairly in line with the work they undertake.

Benefits of Becoming a Consultant Solicitor

Many consultants flourish and very often double (or even triple) their earnings, as well as enjoying the benefits of a better work-life balance. You should ask yourself whether you have a decent following of clients or are confident in your ability to obtain new ones, as this will be the main hurdle you face.

An employed solicitor earns on average only 30%-40% of their annual billing. As a consultant, you can expect to earn a much higher percentage of the work you do.

A Guide to Becoming a Consultant Solicitor

Gibson & Associates will provide personal advice and assistance to help solicitors wishing to become a consultant for the firm to do so seamlessly, so it remains ‘business as usual’ for your clients.

Our assistance with your transition will include:

  • Guidance through the process of becoming a consultant solicitor
  • Access to tax advice and planning
  • Personal financial planning for a smooth transition to self-employment
  • IT support
  • Secretarial/PA support
  • Systems administration: setup and training
  • Support with client/file transfers
  • Marketing support

What our clients say

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Our experienced solicitors will identify this and help you source the expert medical reports required. We will support you each step of the way.

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*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.