Do I Need A Property Solicitor

Do I Need A Property Solicitor

Do I need a solicitor to carry out my property conveyance?

Buying, selling, or transferring a property in Ireland can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a complex process, particularly when it comes to the legal aspects of the transaction.

This is where a conveyancing solicitor can make a valuable contribution. In Ireland, a conveyancing solicitor plays a crucial role in guiding you through the legal process of property transactions and ensuring that your interests are protected. In an earlier blog post, What is property conveyancing? we explained conveyancing is the process of legally transferring property ownership from one property owner to another.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at when you might use a conveyancing solicitor, and how a solicitor that specialises in property transactions can help you meet the legal requirements involved in the transaction and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

When should I use a conveyancing solicitor?

Property transfers are bound by strict legal requirements in Ireland. It is possible to take on your own property conveyancing, but unless you have an extensive background in property and a strong understanding of the law that applies, you may find the process challenging, or worse, make an error that jeopardises your interests in the property.
Most people associate conveyancing with buying or selling a house, however conveyancing applies in other situations too.

For example, if you plan to transfer ownership of a property, such as adding a partner to the title, or gifting a home or parcel of land to a family member, a conveyancing solicitor can help you meet the legal requirements of the transfer and complete the necessary checks and paperwork for the transaction.

A conveyancing solicitor can also help if you are re-mortgaging a property to make sure your mortgage paperwork is completed properly and submitted to the right agencies.
A solicitor with expert knowledge of property law and the conveyancing process is a valuable partner in any type of property transaction to make sure the process runs smoothly and your legal rights are protected.

Do I need a solicitor to buy or sell a property?

It isn’t a legal requirement to use a solicitor to purchase or sell a property in Ireland, but you will need a solicitor if you are taking out a mortgage to make a purchase. A solicitor provides in-depth knowledge about conveyancing requirements and how to deal any issues that might arise. To begin with, a property solicitor will review the legal documents associated with your transaction, such as the contract for sale, title deeds, planning permission, and building regulations, to ensure they are accurate, legally binding, and that your interests are protected.

They will also carry out important property searches to find out whether there are any legal issues that could impact the property’s value or affect your ability to buy or sell the property. An experienced property solicitor will provide valuable legal advice about stamp duty, land registry and property taxes due and will handle the finances of the transaction, including arranging for the transfer of funds and ensuring your mortgage documents are in order (if a mortgage applies to your transaction).

A conveyancing solicitor will make sure there are no surprises and provide you with confidence your property transaction has met all the necessary legal and financial requirements.

Do I need a solicitor to switch my mortgage?

A conveyancing solicitor will play a similar role if you decide to switch your mortgage. A re-mortgage changes your existing mortgage product to another for the same property. It can be a complex process and an experienced solicitor will thoroughly understand what legal and financial requirements have to be met. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, they will review the terms of the mortgage you plan to take and ensure it aligns with your expectations.

Then they will liaise with your mortgage provider to complete legal paperwork such as the mortgage deed, and ensure that the documentation is accurate and legally binding.

With interest rates on the rise and the cost of living at an all time high, it can make sense to switch your mortgage and save money on your monthly mortgage repayment. Several providers now even offer to cover the cost of a solicitor to complete the legal paperwork, while others are offering generous cash back deals. Your expert property solicitor at Gibson & Associates can advise you about the pros and cons of mortgage switching and discuss whether it is right for you.

Do I need a solicitor to transfer ownership of my property?

You might think the process to transfer a property into another person’s name should be simple enough, but there are a number of legal requirements that must be met for the transaction to be legally binding. In addition to reviewing the legal documents associated with the transfer and conducting relevant property searches, a property solicitor can also advise on the tax implications of the property transfer.

For example, stamp duty, capital gains tax and inheritance tax may apply to the property transaction and it is important you are fully aware of your financial obligations. Your property solicitor can also arrange for the transfer of funds and ensure all your financial transactions are completed in compliance with Irish legal requirements.

Why should I use a solicitor for my property conveyance?

There are several reasons we recommend you use a conveyancing solicitor.
Firstly, an experienced conveyancing solicitor has specialised knowledge of property law and the legal process of buying, selling, transferring a property or switching a mortgage. They have a deep understanding of the legal requirements and potential pitfalls of property transactions, allowing them to protect your interests throughout the transaction. They also offer a degree of legal protection, helping you to avoid and manage any legal issues that arise.

A conveyancing solicitor will save you time working through the legal aspects of the transaction, and can also refer you to a trusted network of property professionals including surveyors, engineers and mortgage brokers for any additional services you might need. Remember, if you are planning to take a mortgage to purchase a property, you will be required to use a conveyancing solicitor to complete the transaction.

How can Gibson & Associates help with my property conveyance?

Our team is dedicated to making sure you enjoy a seamless property transaction. That’s why we focus on offering you:

  • competitive, transparent fees
  • a speedy 21-day closing service
  • video-call appointments to save you travelling to our offices
  • expert advice on buying, selling and transferring property and re-mortgaging, and
  • providing you with one point of contact to support you throughout the conveyancing process.

Property transactions have the potential to be stressful but our team of experienced property solicitors take the hassle out of conveyancing, giving you complete confidence in the process and a successful outcome. To speak with a member of our conveyancing team, please call us on +353 1 264 5555 today.